Budget & Design Guide

Below is a guide for customers to help illustrate design elements and features associated with defined budget ranges. It is meant to be used as a preliminary tool as you begin to build your dream outdoor space. For an accurate cost breakdown and to begin your custom landscape design project, schedule a consultation with an Action Company Landscape Designer.

Small Projects

Budget Range: $5k to $20k

  • Small sized projects (<300 sq. foot patios, fire pits, front entry landscaping and plantings)
  • Single design elements
  • Basic landscaping and softscapes
  • Small specialty features: fire pits, small waterfalls, basic lighting
  • Small irrigation system installations

Mid-Range Projects

Budget Range: $20k to $50k

Can include some or all the following:
  • Medium sized projects (450 sq. foot patios, fire pits, seat columns)
  • General landscaping and softscape elements
  • Larger irrigation system installations
  • Additional hardscape features & lighting
  • Small specialty features: larger fire pits, small pergolas, small outdoor kitchens, small water features, more advanced lighting

Premium Projects

Budget Range: $50k and over

  • Large outdoor space with specialty features (extensive landscaping with planting around an entire home, larger patios, outdoor kitchens, large fire pits with seating columns)
  • Advanced designs with multiple elements
  • Premium materials
  • Custom and complex hardscapes (walking paths, fireplaces, seat walls, etc.)
  • Premium and unique plant selections
  • Specialty features: outdoor kitchens, pergolas, water features, lighting
  • Large irrigation system installations

All consultations and design plans are subject to an hourly landscape design fee invoiced after completion of the initial design or design revision. Design fees do NOT include engineering, surveying, or other professional services needed based on the scope of the project.


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